Pilates Mat For the Spine


This physical therapist led class is designed to strengthen the core and improve flexibility for those with back pain, neck pain or other injuries.  Emphasis will be placed on   maintaining a  neutral spine position, which is best for back pain prevention.  Class size will be small in order to allow adequate time for individual attention and modifications.  Date and Time TBA



Pilates for Hypermo-bility and More


Are you overly flexible and always the star of your yoga class but also feel like you lack strength?  Do your friends call you "double jointed" and your joints seem like they are held together  with loose rubber bands?  This class is for you!    This 6 week series  will offer a variety of exercises from  Pilates, Feldenkrais, Xi-Gong  and other methods.  Emphasis will be placed on improving joint stability and proprioception.  Self management  and self care techniques will also be taught.   Date and Time TBA


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Prenatal Pilates



Coming Soon


Restora-tive Pilates



Coming Soon.